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Dash Replenishment - Device Management and Settings

Amazon customers can manage devices on the Alexa App or the Amazon Shopping App. In addition to the Apps, the Smart Reorder Device Settings Page allows customers to change settings of their smart home devices. Device manufacturers can integrate this page into their apps using WebView or equivalent libraries.

Smart Reorder Customer Device List

The Smart Reorder Customer Device List is where Amazon customers interact with the settings for their products. This page is available to your app or your web interface using:

Region URL

Customers must be authenticated with Amazon to view this page. For example, if customer is redirected to and customer is not already logged in they would experience a login flow to log in .

Vendor Code

By using the URL parameter vendor_code=, the Smart Reorder Device List will only show Dash devices registered under the vendor code. You can check your vendor code on the Dash Console's App Settings page.<your-vendor-code>

Last updated: Jul 21, 2021