Explore AVS Features

Learn about the various Alexa Voice Service (AVS) features that Amazon requires or recommends implementing to create a positive experience for your device users.


Learn about the AVS Alerts feature, which enables users to set and manage timers, alarms, and reminders:

» About AVS Alerts

Alexa Presentation Language (APL) for multimodal experiences

Learn about the Alexa Presentation Language (APL) collection of APIs for AVS-enabled devices with visual displays, such as smart TVs, which allow those devices to receive and present Alexa visual responses:

» Alexa Multi-Modal API Overview


Learn about the AVS AudioPlayer feature for managing, controlling, and reporting on streaming audio content on AVS-enabled devices:

» About the Alexa Voice Service (AVS) AudioPlayer

Display cards

Learn about display cards for AVS, which allow a device to render visual content, such as calendars, weather, and shopping lists:

» Display Cards Overview

Generic controllers

Learn about the available generic controller interfaces, which are general-purpose interfaces that you can use to model different components for your AVS implementation:

» Generic Controller Interfaces

Named timers and reminders

Named Timers and Reminders are part of the Alerts feature of AVS. The Named Timers feature allows Alexa users to set and manage multiple timers at a time by giving an identifying name to each timer. Reminders are alerts that Alexa plays at a time specified by a user. Learn how to enable this feature for your device:

» Enable Named Timers and Reminders


Learn about how to use Notification indicators to inform end users that new content is available from Alexa skills and domains:

» Notifications Overview

Smart home for AVS

Learn about how to enable smart home functionality for AVS devices:

» Smart Home for AVS

Speech recognition

Learn the concepts behind the SpeechRecognizer interface, which your device must implement to capture and interact with user speech:

» Understand the AVS SpeechRecognizer

Streaming content

Alexa can play music and other content from external content providers, including Amazon Music, Audible, TuneIn, and audio streaming through Alexa Skills. Learn about the requirements to implement streaming content from AVS on your device:

» Stream Content from a Content Provider

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Last updated: Nov 27, 2023