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Matter Simple Setup for Thread Overview


Matter Simple Setup (MSS) leverages the Matter protocol to facilitative the automated setup of smart home and connected devices. Matter, formerly Connected Home over IP (CHIP), is an open-standard provisioning and command-and-control protocol running on IP networks like Wi-Fi and ethernet and other lower-level transports such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Thread.

MSS for Thread specifically utilizes a Thread network, instead of a Wi-Fi network, as in MSS for Wi-Fi, to commission to a customer's Amazon account. Thread operates via low-energy IEEE 802.15.4 protocol based networks.

If MSS prerequisites are met, a device can automatically join the network of a Matter-enabled Amazon Echo device. The high-level experience for the end customer for MSS for Thread is as follows:

  1. Customer purchases a Matter-enabled device (purchased via Amazon or another retailer)

  2. The device is powered on

  3. The device (acting as “commissionee”) begins to emit a BLE beacon requesting setup assistance from a nearby Matter-enabled Amazon Echo device (acting as “commissioner”) also owned by the customer.

  4. If the commissionee was purchased from, then the commissioner will have all the information needed to automatically detect the commissionee’s BLE beacon, ensure its legitimacy, and then provide the commissionee with credentials to a Thread network and commissions it to the customer's account so that it can be managed and controlled by Alexa.

    1. If the commissionee was purchased from another retailer, then the customer will need to confirm connecting the device to their account and may be asked to verify the device using a simplified proof of possession check. You will need to provide Amazon the proof of possession code in order for the customer to achieve this. (See the proofOfPossessionCode and challengeScheme fields in the control log spec below)
  5. After the device has been set up via MSS for Thread, it will not be eligible for ZTS again, but it can be reset and set up again manually, if needed.


  • FFS - Frustration-Free Setup. The umbrella term for Amazon's setup technologies, including MSS.

  • ZTS - Zero Touch Setup. When the customer doesn’t need to do anything but power on the newly purchased device for it to be fully set up. In some circumstances, such as a non-Amazon device sale, the customer may need to briefly interact with an app to confirm ownership of your device.

  • Commissionee - The Matter-enabled device to be set up (referred to as a “provisionee” in other non-MSS Amazon documentation)

  • Commissioner - The Matter-enabled Amazon Echo device that is already set up and that will assist in setting up a commissionee (referred to as a “provisioner” in other non-MSS Amazon documentation)

Getting Started


Ensure your device meets the minimum hardware and software requirements from the Matter specification, including support for the Matter SDK.


In the context of MSS for Thread, the provisionee, or commissionee, is the device that is to be automatically set up. If you want to make your device eligible to be an MSS commissionee, you must satisfy the following:

  1. Configure your device to beacon over BLE with specific fields needed for MSS for Thread (detailed below)

  2. Onboard your device via the FFS developer portal by creating a Matter new device type. On the developer portal, you will manage your FFS onboarding lifecycle tasks, like managing your test devices and manufacturing data and submitting for certification.

  3. Integrate a unique barcode on your device packaging. You can also use an existing unique barcode on your packaging, such as a serial number, or MAC address.

  4. Share your device control log data with Amazon services. Control Logs are a mechanism that allows manufacturers to provide Amazon with unique device identifiers and authentication material, such as the Matter passcode, that are critical to ensure a frictionless customer setup. The unique package barcode is associated with your device identifier through the control logs. See the Matter Control Logs section for more details.

  5. Complete Frustration-Free Setup certification and Amazon ASIN onboarding. Review the certification section below for more information.

BLE Beaconing

The commissionee must beacon over BLE to initiate the Matter commissioning workflow. Here are the required fields for MSS:

Field Name Size Description
Discriminator 12 bits A randomly-generated number in the range 0-4095 programmed onto the device in the factory and constant over the lifetime of the peripheral device.
Product ID 16 bits A number allocated by the manufacturer to uniquely identify a product.
Vendor ID 16 bits A number allocated by the Connectivity Standards Alliance to uniquely identify a manufacturer, vendor, or ecosystem.
Rotating ID ≥128 bits A number generated by the "Unique ID". The Unique ID is a value that is programmed onto the device in the factory and that will be uploaded in your control logs. The Rotating ID is made available via an unencrypted BLE characteristic. This feature can be enabled in the Matter SDK at compile time at the discretion of the manufacturer. For more information about how to enable this feature, please contact Amazon.

Note: the product, vendor, and rotating ID are optional fields to include in the BLE advertisement in the Matter specification.

Packaging Barcode

FFS technology relies on your device's package barcode to identify a specific device. Amazon scans your device's package barcode during order fulfillment and pre-registers the device with the Amazon customer's account. Pre-registration enables FFS to authenticate device ownership and gives the customer's account and provisioners control over the new device. Our packaging barcode documentation provides details on how to implement and share these codes with our service via control logs.


Amazon will require your devices (and application if applicable) to go through our Frustration-Free Setup Certification. The Provisionee Certification Guide provides more information on Certification testing and provides links to self certification testing plans.

Version Date Author Description
1.0 Nov 3, 2021. Amazon General Availability

Last updated: Apr 19, 2022