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User transfer preferences

Data that are ported to your Application depend on the preferences set by the customer in the User Transfer Preferences page.

User Transfer Preferences page
User Transfer Preferences page

How much data to transfer?
Customers select how much data your Application can import by selecting a past date. The drop-down list offers these options: Last 5 days, Last 30 days, Last 60 days, Last one year, and Since date xx/xx/xxxx.

For how long do you authorize the transfer?
Customers select for how long your Application can import data by selecting a future date. The drop-down list offers these options: One time transfer, For the next 30 days, For the next 90 days, For the next 180 days, and For the next 1 year. Once the selected period expires, your Application will be unable to import customers data unless the customer provides a new authorization.

🚧 Authorization expires if a customer manually revokes authorization to your Application or the token has reached the expiration date selected by the customer.

I authorize the third party to receive my EU data
Customers select the checkbox to authorize your Application to import their Amazon data. After the customers set the preferences and select the Authorize button, your Application will have the capability to import customers' data. If the Amazon customers exit from this page or select Cancel, your Application won’t have the capability to import customers' data.

🚧 To import customers' data, you will need to complete the steps in the Configure Amazon Data Portability service, Authorize your app to connect with Amazon Data Portability API, and Connect your app with Amazon Data Portability API.

Last updated: Mar 07, 2024