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Understanding Wi-Fi Simple Setup

Wi-Fi Simple Setup (WSS) uses a peer model to easily configure a new device’s Wi-Fi connection. WSS has some pre-conditions for operation.

  • The customer must have a device nearby that is associated with their Amazon account, and connected to the Internet.
  • The customer must have previously stored credentials for at least one of their Wi-Fi networks into the Amazon Device Setup Service (this happens automatically when setting up an Amazon device unless the customer opts-out of this process).

WSS relies on the customer’s existing Amazon device to provide an internet connection. This existing device (provisioner) provides a pre-defined, hidden, and restricted Wi-Fi network. When the customer powers up their new device (provisionee) for the first time, the provisionee attempts to locate and connect to the provisioner’s hidden Wi-Fi network.

Once connected to the provisioner’s hidden Wi-Fi network, the provisionee establishes a connection to the Amazon Device Setup Service (DSS). DSS validates the provisionee device and associates the device with the customer’s Amazon account. Once associated with the customer’s account, the provisionee sends DSS a list of Wi-Fi networks visible in the local environment. DSS responds by sending the provisionee credentials for any visible Wi-Fi networks associated with the customer’s account. The provisionee uses this information to connect to the customer’s Wi-Fi network.

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1.0 Sept 25, 2019. Amazon. General Availability

Last updated: Nov 04, 2020