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Android App Submission

Ready to submit your Android app?

International distribution: Whenever you create a new app, it is set to be available in all countries by default. Read more in Distribute Your App Internationally.

App updates: Save time updating your apps by using the Submission API to automate the submission of new app versions or streamline frequently performed operations. You can also limit the radius of impact when you introduce upgrades to your app with Staged Rollouts.

Double-check that your Android app is ready for submission

To ensure your app is successfully submitted the first time around, refer to the following tech docs and app testing tools:

Review the pre-submission checklist

Ensure that your app meets the specified requirements and guidelines for publication on Appstore.

Pre-test your app

Test your app for compatibility with Appstore and see if it passes. Address any failures before submitting your app.

Review the step-by-step guide

Follow our step-by-step instructions for submitting your app.

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