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Amazon Common Software (ACS) for Devices

Accelerate integration of Amazon Device SDKs

What is ACS?

Amazon Common Software (ACS) for Devices (preview) is software that makes it faster for you to integrate Amazon Device SDKs on your devices. ACS provides a unified API integration layer, pre-validated and memory efficient components for common functions such as connectivity, a device porting kit (DPK), and multi-tier test suites.

Why use ACS?

Launch Products Faster

Accelerate integration of Amazon Device SDKs and their software dependencies by only requiring one single effort.

Reduce Development Costs

Reduce software development and maintenance costs by using pre-built software components and multi-tier test suites.

Build Devices with High Quality Software

Create engaging customer experiences using pre-hardened and security-audited software components.

Keep Devices Updated

Keep your device fleet’s Amazon SDKs up-to-date with feature and security updates.

ACS Architecture Overview

  1. ACS APIs: Unified set of APIs for common functions that Amazon SDKs need for integration.
  2. ACS Components: Suite of memory efficient, portable, and security audited software components necessary to enable Amazon Device SDKs.
  3. Device Porting Kit (DPK) APIs: Provides abstraction from underlying hardware and operating system enabling portability.
  4. ACS Test Suites: Multi-tier test suites makes it easy to localize defects/bugs in device software.

Products using ACS Components

Get inspired by products built using multiple ACS components

ACS Solution Providers

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