Develop Skills with the Alexa Conversations Description Language

In the Alexa Conversations Description Language (ACDL), you tie together actions, events, and responses in ACDL files. This section contains information about how to represent each of those elements.

For reference material, see Alexa Conversations Description Language Reference and Alexa Conversations Core Library Reference.

In this section

  • Use Actions in ACDL – Actions represent some aspect of the skill's behavior, such as responding to a question by saying or displaying some information, or a request to fulfill a task by invoking a back-end API.

  • Use Events in ACDL – Events represent triggers, such as something the user says.

  • Use Responses in ACDL – Responses are actions that render text, audio, or visual content to the user, along with any necessary arguments and a response act that indicates the situation that triggers the response.

  • Support Multiple Locales – You can use ACDL to create skills for multiple locales.