AVS Device SDK Manufactory

This page provides information about the Alexa Voice Service (AVS) Manufactory subsystem. Manufactory provides a robust solution to manage components within an Alexa app. Manufactory simplifies the work required to configure the use of SDK components to your target platform.

Release updates

AVS Device SDK v1.22.0

The following components have migrated to Manufactory in SDK v1.22.0

  • DoNotDisturb
  • Alerts
  • DefaultDeviceSettingsManager
  • SystemTimeZone

AVS Device SDK v1.21.0

The following components have migrated to Manufactory in SDK v1.21.0

  • AVSConnectionManager
  • ApplicationAudioPipelineFactoryInterface (three full implementations – Gstreamer, Android, Custom – and a stub)
  • Alexa Capability Agent
  • CaptionManager
  • CertifiedSender
  • InternetConnectionMonitor
  • Shutdown/StartupNotifier
  • SpeakerManager
  • AudioPlayer
  • ExternalMediaPlayer
  • FocusManager (Audio)

You now can view the Manufactory changes in the PreviewAlexaClient class. The existing SampleApp doesn't contain any additional use of Manufactory beyond that in 1.20.0

AVS Device SDK v1.20.0

The AVS Device SDK 1.20.0 adds support for the Manufactory subsystem.

In the 1.20.0 release you might see references to Manufactory in the source code – for now, you don't have to modify your code to adopt Manufactory. Pre-existing apps continue to use the DefaultClient without disruption. Changes and updates to the Manufactory subsystem are going to occur incrementally across SDK releases.

You can preview the 1.20.0 Manufactory changes in the SampleApp.