Build the Alexa Voice Service Device SDK

The Alexa Voice Service (AVS) SDK includes development tools and libraries to build an Alexa Built-in product.

Prerequisites to build the SDK

You should be aware of the dependencies and the authorization flow of the SDK. For details, see Dependencies and Authorization.

Tools to build the Sample App

A Sample App gives you a quick glimpse into how to build the SDK. You can build a Sample App that implements the AVS Device SDK on macOS, Raspberry Pi, and Ubuntu. Two Sample Apps are available: one for the voice-only implementation and one for the smart screen implementation.


The Sample App configuration files control runtime configuration of the AVS Device SDK Sample Applications. The AVS Device SDK Inter-Process Communication (IPC) Client framework API framework provides namespace-organized inbound and outbound messages for a variety of core Alexa features and functionality that are implemented through the IPC Server Sample App. The section contains the following references for the Sample Apps.

You can dive deep into advanced features of the SDK by using the following implementation guides.