Echo Spot Now Shipping to Customers in India

Tom George Apr 24, 2018
Echo Spot Announcements India

Today we are delighted to announce that Echo Spot is now shipping to customers in India. Echo Spot brings customers everything they love about Alexa and Echo in an all-new compact design, combining the power of voice with a visual display. Echo Spot is a smaller, versatile Echo device with a screen and designed for various use cases in the home.

Customers are adding Echo Spot to their desk, kitchen, book shelves, or as an intercom or music system throughout their home. This opens up new opportunities for skill developers to create engaging voice experiences enhanced by the interactive touch display.

Design Voice-First Experiences for Echo Spot

With the addition of Echo Spot, customers have even more ways to interact with voice. You can now create great multimodal experiences optimized for Echo Spot and use the Alexa Voice Design Guide to help you define an engaging experience for your customers.

A custom skill for Echo Spot can include an interactive touch display in its response, in addition to standard voice interaction. Customers can now interact with Alexa through the voice user interface (VUI), graphical user interface (GUI), and touch elements of Echo Spot. Consider how all of these elements will work together for your customers. Read our documentation on building skills for Echo Spot to get started.

Start Building Skills for Echo Spot Today

Check out the following resources as you start creating magical voice-first experiences for devices with screens:

Webinar: Designing Multimodal Skills for Alexa

Learn to design skills that shine across all Alexa-enabled devices including Echo Spot. Join our upcoming webinar to learn how to add imagery, video, and formatted text content. Register now to reserve your spot.

Join Us for Alexa Dev Days

Join us at our upcoming Alexa Dev Day (Hyderabad) on 22 May, 2018 to get hands-on training, learn about voice design, and meet other local developers.