Kid Skills Can Now Earn Alexa Developer Rewards in the UK and Germany

Andrea Muttoni May 30, 2018
Kid Skills

We are delighted to announce that kid skills published in the UK and Germany are now eligible to earn Alexa Developer Rewards.

Earlier this month, we announced that Alexa supports kid skills in the UK and Germany. If your skill is getting some of the highest customer engagement in any of the eight eligible categories — which now include kids — you can earn money each month. The most engaging kid skills will start earning rewards in June.

Last year, we launched Alexa Developer Rewards to enable developers to earn money for skills customers love most. The program rewards developers who publish highly engaging skills in the US, the UK, or Germany, in any of eight eligible skill categories, including:

  • Education & Reference
  • Food & Drink
  • Games, Trivia & Accessories
  • Health & Fitness
  • Kids
  • Lifestyle
  • Music & Audio
  • Productivity

To date, we’ve paid millions of dollars to developers in 23 countries. Many of these developers are earning money for skills published in multiple countries. So, if your skill is earning rewards in one country, you can potentially earn more by making it available in other eligible countries.

If you haven't built a kid skill yet, you may find inspiration from the winners of the Alexa Skills Challenge: Kids and check out the kid skills available today in Germany and the UK: Bibis Welt (quiz), Affenbeste Freunde (goodnight stories), Radio Teddy (kid radio), Pac-Man Stories (interactive story), Would You Rather Family (quiz), Moshi Twilight (relaxing sounds and stories), Lego Duplo Stories (pre-school interactive play), and Beano (quiz and jokes).

Build Engaging Kid Skills

Here are some resources to help you get started with building engaging skills for kids:

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Build a New Skill, Earn Developer Perks

Bring your big idea to life with Alexa and earn perks through our tiered rewards system. Publish a skill in May and receive an Alexa backpack. If 100 customers use your skill in its first 30 days in the Alexa Skills Store, you can also earn a free Echo Dot, and if your skill has the most unique users during that month, an Echo Spot. Learn more about our UK promotion. If you are based in Germany, Austria, or Luxembourg, learn more about our German promotion.