Announcing the New Alexa Skills Kit Sound Library to Create More Engaging Skills

Azi Farjad Mar 02, 2018

Today we are excited to announce the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) sound library, which provides built-in audio clips that you can add to your Alexa skills. The ASK sound library makes it easy for you to create an engaging customer experience by adding unique sounds to your skill. The library provides hundreds of sounds from 14 categories including, cartoon, home, human, nature, and transportation, among others.

You can add sounds from the library to any Alexa response, and can combine it with speech output and other SSML. By carefully selecting a sound, you can create an experience that is more personal or relevant to your skill. For example, you can add applause when a user answers a question correctly in a trivia game or finishes a workout, a creaking door when describing a scene in an adventure skill, or the sound of a door opening when Alexa receives a command to unlock the front door. You can add sounds from the ASK sound library for free to any of your Alexa skills.               

Adding Sound Clips to Your Alexa Skills

To add audio clips to your skill, include the SSML <audio> tag in your response. The SSML for each of these sound effects is shown in the SSML column of the sound table. To use a sound, you can enclose the SSML response within the <speak> tag. For example:


    This is Alexa's regular speech, followed by the sound effect "bear groan roar     (1)".

    <audio src='soundbank://soundlibrary/animals/amzn_sfx_bear_groan_roar_01.mp3'/>


You can browse the full library of sounds here. You can also test your skill with sounds in the ASK developer console or on your Echo device.

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