Adobe AIR ANE for GameCircle 2.4 Overview


The Amazon GameCircle SDK 2.4 now includes an Adobe AIR native extension (ANE). Developers using an ActionScript (Flash) workflow can use it to quickly set up GameCircle leaderboards, achievements, and Whispersync for Games on Fire tablets.

If you're a game developer using Flash to create browser-based games, you can use the AIR runtime to package the same code into native apps for your chosen platforms, such as Fire tablets. Develop more engaging user experiences with the GameCircle AIR ANE by leveraging its support for accelerated graphics rendering, high-resolution bitmaps, native extension libraries, captive runtime delivery, front-facing camera apps, and more.

Where to Get the GameCircle AIR ANE

This extension is bundled into the free Amazon Mobile Apps SDK. Download the SDK and include the GameCircle AIR ANE into your game project. The AIR ANE folder also includes API documentation for the extension and a sample app.

Where to Get Adobe AIR

Download Game Developer Tools from the Adobe Gaming website. The tools are part of the free membership to the Adobe Creative Cloud.