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Transaction workflow

This is a standard order transaction flow for physical goods:

  1. When the address widget is shown to the buyer, an Order Reference is created.
  2. The buyer chooses an address from the address book and a payment method from the wallet widget. You calculate the total order amount.
  3. The buyer places the order, and you Set the purchase details and Confirm the Order Reference.
  4. You submit a request to Authorize the order amount against the selected payment method.
  5. If the Authorization is successful, the order can be shipped.
  6. You ship the order.
  7. You submit a request to Capture the funds from the Authorized amount, and then close the Order Reference after a successful Capture.

During the transaction, payment objects are created to support the Amazon Pay payments process:

Payment object Description
Order Reference A record of key attributes necessary to process the buyer's payment. It tracks how the buyer wants to pay, where to ship, and how much to pay. It also contains information about the order such as the total amount and your order identifier.
Authorization Represents the availability of funds in the selected payment method and reserves them for future collection using a Capture request.
Capture Represents the movement of funds from the buyer's payment method to your Amazon Pay merchant account.
Refund In the event of a refund, represents the movement of previously captured funds back to the buyer's account.

Each of these objects has a status that reflects the status of the order during the transaction flow. The following graphic shows the various actions in the flow and their related objects: