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Adding order attributes after purchase

Amazon Pay enables you to add the order attributes of an Order Reference object after the Order Reference object is confirmed. This section includes the modifications that Amazon Pay and Login with Amazon supports.

Setting order attributes after the confirmation of the Order Reference

In some situations, you might need to add more information to an Order Reference object after the order is placed and an Order Reference object is confirmed.

For example, your shopping cart might only be able to create order IDs after the order was placed. To set this information and make it available for later, call the SetOrderAttributes operation. This can be of use for the Amazon Pay settlement reports as an example.

You can provide this data after the order is placed:

  • Store Name
  • Seller Order ID
  • Seller Note
  • Platform ID
  • Custom Information

Note: You can only add new information and can't change existing information. An error occurs if you try to update data that has already been set.

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