MSO and Lineup Specification for Live TV Video Skills

Live TV providers such as multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) might want to build an Alexa skill using the Video Skill API that can provide different channel lineups per user or zip code. You can use the Video Skill API in the Alexa Skills Kit to specify lineup and multiple system operator (MSO) information in the Discovery response in your video skill. You should provide this information as part of the Alexa.ChannelController capability declaration within a lineup object, as shown in the following example. The values for each field in the lineup object should correspond with the MSO information contained in Gracenote.

Field Description Type Example
lineup (Required) The lineup information of the device. Object
lineupName (Optional) The name of the provider lineup. String Comcast King County
operatorName (Required) The name of the operator. String Comcast
postalCode (Optional) The postal code (zip code) for the location of the device. String 98052
type (Required) The type of the lineup. Enumeration multiSystemOperator
  "event": {
    "header": {
      "correlationToken": "dFMb0z+PgpgdDmluhJ1LddFvSqZ/jCc8ptlAKulUj90jSqg==",
      "messageId": "5410cd73-7d10-456d-aa21-b49ad1980993",
      "name": "Discover.Response",
      "namespace": "Alexa.Discovery",
      "payloadVersion": "3"
    "payload": {
      "endpoints": [
          "capabilities": [
              "interface": "Alexa.ChannelController",
              "lineup": {
                "operatorName": "Comcast",
                "lineupName": "Comcast King County",
                "postalCode": "98052",
                "type": "multiSystemOperator"
              "type": "AlexaInterface",
              "version": "1.0"
          "cookie": {
            "extraDetail1": "key1",
            "extraDetail2": "key2"
          "description": "Device description that's shown to the customer",
          "endpointId": "Unique Device Identifier",
          "friendlyName": "Upstairs Amazon Player",
          "manufacturerName": "Amazon"