The Alexa setup process helps customers learn about Alexa, sign in to their Amazon account, and configure Alexa for their vehicle. Your in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) should include the following steps for setting up Alexa.

There are two steps required for setting up Alexa in the vehicle. Each step contains multiple screens. Some screens may not be shown to the customer depending on their region, language, or choices.

There are two ways for customers to enable Alexa in the vehicle: through Sign-in or with Preview Mode. Your IVI should offer both options.


Step 1: Enable

A: Language (if needed)
Allows customers to choose Alexa’s language.

B: Get started
Introduces Alexa to the customer and presents options to either Sign-in or Try Alexa (Preview Mode).

C: Sign-in (option 1)
Customers can link their Amazon account to their vehicle using Code-based linking (CBL) with a mobile device.

D: Try Alexa (option 2)
An alternative to signing in, Preview Mode allows customers to enable and try Alexa without signing in.

Step 2: Configure

A: Location permission
Presents geolocation permission to access the vehicle’s current location.

B: Comms permission
Presents permissions for access to contacts on a Bluetooth connected phone.
(signed-in customers only)

C: Navigation favorites permission
Presents permission for accessing locations stored in the IVI navigation.
(signed-in customers only)

D: Enable Push-to-talk
Offers customers the option to assign the voice button on their steering wheel to Alexa.


  • A data plan or internet connection is required to complete the Alexa setup process.
  • If the customer abandons Alexa setup during the Enable step, Alexa setup will resume when they return.
  • If the customer abandons Alexa setup during the Configure step, they will be redirected to the Landing page when they return.
  • For complete setup flow, see the Appendix.

(Required) Follow the UI elements in the following screens.

The pages and elements on the screens below are all required as part of the Alexa setup process.

(Required) Within the Alexa setup process, present the Alexa introduction and Amazon sign in screens first.

Customers should see the Alexa introduction and code-based linking screens before any other screens in your system. Do not add app permissions or any other screens until a customer has gone through these steps.

Exception: If there is a language mismatch, the language selection screen must appear prior to any Amazon screen being surfaced.

(Required) Only ask customers to sign-in to their Amazon account in the vehicle once.

Once signed in, do not ask customers to sign-in again until they sign out. Do not ask customers to sign in every time they start their vehicle.

1. Enable


If Alexa doesn’t support the current IVI system language, some special handling is needed before Setup can proceed. See Language Handling for details.

Get started

This screen introduces Alexa to the customer and helps them sign-in or enable Alexa. To sign-in, the customer will also use their mobile device to link their Amazon account to the vehicle.

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Get started screen

Sign In

Customers can sign in to their Amazon account using Code-based linking (CBL). Customers are directed to visit a URL where they can sign in and enter the code in order to link their account to the vehicle.

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screen
My alternative image text
Sign In flow

Try Alexa (Preview Mode)

Present this screen if the customer selects Try Alexa. The customer can enable Alexa immediately by tapping the Agree & Enable Alexa button. The Alexa Terms of Use, Alexa and Alexa Device terms and Privacy policy must be presented here as well. The localized URLs for these documents are available in the Design Toolkit.

Preview Mode offers customers the option to try Alexa without signing in. Access to Alexa’s features will be limited and customers will be encouraged to sign in for the complete experience.

Note: Preview Mode is available in North American and European markets only.

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Try Alexa enablement screen
My alternative image text
Preview Mode setup flow

2. Configure

The following screens help customers setup additional features with Alexa such as communications, navigation to stored favorites, and assigning the Push-to-talk (PTT) button to Alexa.

(Required) If during Alexa setup the vehicle or device detects a phone already connected to the head unit, ask the customer for permission to upload contacts and SMS messages.

See While setting up Alexa on your Alexa enabled device for details.

Location permission

The location permission provides Alexa access to the vehicle’s location. This permission is stored in the Alexa cloud. The customer can change this permission at any time in the Alexa menu.

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Location permissions screen

Communication permission

The communication permission provides Alexa with access to the customer’s Bluetooth-connected phone for contacts and SMS features.

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Communications permission screen

The stored locations permission allows Alexa to access locations stored in the navigation app in the IVI.

My alternative image text
Navigation favorites upload permission screen

Enable Push-to-talk

This screen allows the customer to assign the PTT voice button to Alexa. We recommend using your own graphic to represent your vehicle’s PTT voice button.

My alternative image text
Enable PTT screen

(Required) At the end of Setup, show the Alexa Landing Page.

See Landing Page for details.

Deregister a device

(Required) Reset Alexa to the start or signed-out state when the Alexa Auto SDK returns an auth failure message. This happens when a customer signs out of Alexa remotely from the Alexa mobile app.

Additional screens

Error: No internet

If there is no internet connection at the beginning of setup or before the customer has signed in, then present this error screen informing the customer they need a connection to setup Alexa.

My alternative image text

Error: Setup not complete

If the sign in process does not succeed, then redirect customers to this error screen. This allows the customer to retry setting up Alexa.

My alternative image text

Additional requirements

(Required) Do not allow customers to sign in when the vehicle is in motion.

Only allow customers to set up when the vehicle is not in motion. If the customer attempts setup while driving, present a message to indicate setup is only available Alexa when the vehicle is not in motion.

My alternative image text

(Required) Provide customers a way to sign out within the Alexa settings.

Provide an obvious and understandable way of signing out of Alexa. We do not expect customers to sign-in every time they start their vehicle. See Menu & Settings for details.

(Required) Do not add additional setup steps.

The Alexa onboarding in your system may be a customer's first experience using Alexa. Each additional screen increases friction and increases the risk of a customer not using Alexa. Customers can continue to learn after they complete setup. Instead of making onboarding more complex, present customers with information when they are completing tasks and would find it most helpful.


End-to-end Alexa setup flow

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Last updated: Nov 25, 2023