Ordinal Lists

An ordinal displays the number of an item within a list.

Ordinal on screen

How to use ordinals

Use ordinals to indicate the number of an item in a list, such as a shopping list, series of steps, or instructions. Ordinals also give users the ability to select an item by saying the ordinal number, rather than the item name.

How to use ordinals

Components of an ordinal

A: Contanier

B: Ordinal


Ordinals change from normal to pressed when selected by voice or touch, and from normal to focused when highlighted by a keyboard or remote, or when Alexa is speaking.

Ordinal behavior

Best practices

  • Don’t use ordinals if voice navigation isn’t supported, such as in settings.
  • Use ordinals only in defined, limited lists. Don’t use ordinals if the list can advance or reverse forever, such as in calendars.

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