The headline displays short phrases of text that that you want prominently centered on the screen. It's a full-screen responsive template works across device modes. The headline template works with header, footer, and background responsive components.

headline template

How to use the headline template

You can have primary and secondary content in a headline. Primary content consists of up to two lines of text across the screen. The content should emphasize the main action or focus of the skill content at that particular moment for the user.

Secondary content is limited to one line. You present secondary content after primary content. The template truncates any secondary text for smaller device modes.

For example, a headline is great for a welcome message. “Welcome to Cupcake Shop! Let’s get you a cupcake, pronto.” Your hint text could tell the customer how to order a cupcake: “Just say ‘chocolate cupcake’ or another kind of cupcake to get started.”

Best practices

  • Keep your headlines to primary text only, if possible. Your headlines should be concise enough to describe the main action or content of the skill at that moment, without being overly verbose and difficult to read.
  • Use secondary text only if the action or content is complex and you need a supporting statement. Keep in mind that usually the template truncates secondary text. Don't present vital information as secondary text.

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