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Differences between environments

Business rules

To help facilitate testing in Sandbox, the following business rules have been adjusted:

Live business rule
Sandbox business rule
A Charge object in the Authorized state
Moves to a Canceled state in 30 days
Moves to a Canceled state in two days
Time limit for calling Capture against a Charge
Within 30 days
Within 2 days

Buyer experience

You cannot trigger the buyer experience for handling declined payments or multifactor authentication (MFA) in Sandbox. If you choose a Sandbox payment instrument to simulate a payment decline, Amazon Pay will redirect you to checkoutResultReturnUrl with Checkout Session in Canceled state instead of showing the hosted decline handling page.


  • You can develop on your localhost in Sandbox but not in the Live environment. This means that you can set checkoutReviewReturnUrl and checkutResultReturnUrl on Checkout Session webCheckoutDetails to localhost URLs.

  • Amazon Pay only validates the following deliverySpecifications child parameters in Sandbox: specialRestrictions, type, countryCode. This means that buyers can complete Live transactions even if there's an error in your integration. Please test your address restriction implementation in Sandbox before deploying to Live and always verify that the address the buyer selects from their Amazon address book is supported by your business requirements.