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Measure Skill Usage

Use the Measure page to see usage metrics for a skill. This dashboard can give you useful information about how customers are using your skill.

Measure page
Measure page

Access the Metrics for a Skill

You can access Measure for a skill from two places:

  • In the list of skills in the console, click the Measure link in the row for the skill.
  • When you open a skill to view or edit, click Measure in the top navigation.

The specific metrics available on the Measure page depend on the interaction model for your skill.

  • The Summary section displays a high-level overview of the metrics available for the skill.
  • Use the controls at the top to change the time range.
  • Use the Aggregation Period option to change how the data is grouped (every 15 minutes, hourly, daily, or weekly).
  • Switch between language models with the language drop-down list in the upper left.
  • Switch between development and live versions of the skill with the Skill Stage drop-down list.
  • Drill into detailed charts and data with the sections in the sidebar, such as Customers to see a chart showing the number of unique customers who have accessed the skill. Within these detailed sections, you can view the data as either a chart or grid. You can also export the chart as a graphic and download the data as a CSV.
Export options for a chart on the Sessions page
Export options for a chart on the Sessions page

Note that the Measure page excludes invocations from the Test page and the Service Simulator in the old console.

You can jump directly to the Measure page for other skills with the Jump to measure for list. Note that this list includes skills that you have not yet migrated to the developer console beta. You can see the Measure page for these skills, but you cannot edit them in the new console. If you want to edit the skill in the new console, return to your list of skills and migrate the skill to the developer console beta.

Custom Interaction Model Metrics

Available metrics:

  • Customers: Total unique customers.
  • Sessions: Total sessions, successful session types (sessions that did not end due to an error), average sessions per customer, and a breakdown of successful, failed, and no-response sessions as a percentage of total sessions.
  • Utterances: Total utterances, average utterances, and utterance responses.
  • Intents: Unique customers per intent, total utterances per intent, total intents, and failed intents.
  • Retention: Shows the usage of your skill over time by groups of customers (cohorts). You can see the number or percentage of customers who returned to your skill over a 12-week period. This data is available for live skills only.
Customer retention metrics
Customer retention metrics

Smart Home Metrics

Available metrics:

  • Customers: Total unique customers.
  • Utterances: Total utterances and average utterances per customer.
  • Actions: Unique customers per action, total actions, and total utterances per action.

Flash Briefing Metrics

For flash briefing skills, the Summary page displays a summary of the metrics at the top, and the larger graphs for the metrics at the bottom.

  • Unique Customers: Total number of unique customers who accessed the skill
  • Plays: Total number of times your skill's content was played.

The developer console beta: