Alexa Mobile Accessory (AMA) Overview

The Alexa Mobile Accessory (AMA) Kit allows any Bluetooth-capable device manufacturer to enable Alexa through a Bluetooth connection. With the AMA Kit, Bluetooth devices, such as headphones, speakers, and wearable audio devices become Alexa endpoints by connecting directly with the Amazon Alexa app on a mobile device. The AMA Kit, which contains documentation and development tools, is available to Alexa Voice Service (AVS) developers to simplify development of AMA-compatible devices.

About the Alexa Mobile Accessory (AMA) Kit

Get a basic introduction to what the AMA Kit is and a high-level introduction on what's involved in implementing the AMA Kit in your Bluetooth accessory:

» About the Alexa Mobile Accessory (AMA) Kit

AMA Kit implementation requirements

Review the list of Bluetooth, hardware, and security requirements that your accessory must support to implement the AMA Kit:

» AMA Kit Implementation Requirements

Functional requirements

Review the functional requirements that your Bluetooth accessory must meet to qualify as "Alexa Built-in" when implementing the AMA Kit:

» AMA Kit Functional Requirements

AMA UX design overview

When designing your accessory, follow the AMA UX Design guidelines to make sure that the user experience for your device is consistent with other Alexa Built-in products:

» AMA UX Design Overview

AMA Kit media control interactions

The AMA Kit uses a combination of state and Media Control commands to control music playback for a user. Review the expected sequence of interactions for AMA Kit use cases involving music playback:

» AMA Kit Media Control Interactions

AMA Kit Setup Flow

Learn about the expected Out-of-box-experience for users who have purchased a Bluetooth accessory implementing AMA and want to start interacting with Alexa:

» AMA Kit Setup Flow

AMA Kit Protocol Specification

Read the instructions on how to access and download the AMA Kit protocol specification:

» AMA Kit Protocol Specification


Get answers to common questions about the AMA Kit:

» AMA Kit FAQs

Access the AMA Kit

Contact your Amazon Business Development representative to request access to the AMA Kit.

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Last updated: Jun 20, 2024