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Amazon plugins and extensions

Amazon offers plugins and extensions that work with some of the most popular cross-platform engines to extend our APIs and services to your apps.


Unity is a cross-platform game development engine developed by Unity Technologies. It enables you to easily create rich interactive 3D experiences by providing ways to assemble your art and assets into scenes and environments, add physics, and simultaneously play-test and edit games. When you're finished building and testing, the Unity engine creates a finished binary for your chosen platform — such as an Android APK — which you can publish to Fire tablets and the Amazon Appstore.

See all of Amazon's free Unity plugins.

Adobe AIR Native Extensions (ANE)

Adobe AIR native extensions (ANEs) enable you to package the same code you use for browser-based games developed using Flash (ActionScript) into native apps for your chosen platform, such as Fire tablets.

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Apache Cordova for Amazon Fire OS

Apache Cordova allows you to write mobile apps that access native device functions like the camera and accelerometers using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

See all of Amazon's free Cordova plugins.


Xamarin allows developers to create native iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows apps in C#.

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Download Cross-Platform SDKs

下载 Amazon 应用和游戏服务 SDK

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下载 Amazon Fling SDK

2015 年 9 月 15 日
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