Product Design Overview

A successful product based on Alexa Connect Kit (ACK) is one that's easy for users to interact with by using natural voice control, using an on-device screen, or with the Alexa app. Use the following product design guidelines to make that sure interactions with your ACK-based product is as natural as possible.

Product development guidelines

Phase 2: Product design

In this phase, you define your product experience.

Defining your product experience primarily includes designing user interactions for your device, choosing the smart home capabilities and languages and regions you want to support, and selecting hardware options, such as your ACK module and host microcontroller unit (HMCU).

Choosing the correct hardware for your device is critical to support selected ACK features. Make sure your hardware can sufficiently power your device, support relevant peripheral interfaces, and can run the correct version of the ACK Device SDK that you need.

For example, to power a smart fan on and off, you can use the smart home PowerController interface. You might also decide to release your product only in the United States. To get started building your product, you purchased the ACK Espressif development kit and one of the supported HMCU development kits. You started your development with the ACK Device SDK 4 that supports the necessary smart home capabilities you're looking for.

Key tasks

Define your product experience by completing the following tasks:

Choose an ACK module:

  • For prototyping and evaluation, purchase a ACK development kit, which contains an ACK module.
  • For mass-production you can purchase ACK modules separately.

Choose a HMCU:

  • For prototyping and evaluation, choose either:
    • An ACK development kit that comes with an ACK module and might include an HMCU (depending on which kit you choose).
    • A separate HMCU development kit to start prototyping on a production-ready platform.
  • For final-product development, either:
    • Purchase standalone HMCUs that pre-integrate the ACK Device SDK.
    • Purchase standalone HMCUs of your choice, which you port the ACK Device SDK. Make sure the HMCU you choose satisfies the ACK minimum requirements.

Exit criteria

  • Define your product experience based on the requirements in the previous phases.
  • Select the appropriate ACK module for your device and purchase ACK module samples or an ACK development kit for evaluation.
  • Select the appropriate HMCU for your device and purchase the relevant HMCU samples or an ACK development kit for evaluation.

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Last updated: Nov 27, 2023