Build a Skill in 20 Minutes


Was your test successful? If so, congratulations! You are well on your way to building an engaging skill. You will be building new skills with compelling conversational voice experiences in no time.

There is still a lot to learn! In Module 4, you'll expand the Cake Time skill to make it more functional and ask a couple of questions.


If your skill isn't working or you're getting some kind of syntax error, download the code sample in Node.js or Python from the following links. Then, go to the Code tab in the Alexa developer console, and copy and paste the code into the index.js file or the file. Make sure to save and deploy the code before you test it.

Self test

Now that you've finished, try a self-test to see how much you remember. Click to expand to see the answer.

1: An "invocation phrase" is:

  • A: The welcome speech Alexa gives at the beginning of the skill.
  • B: The phrase the user uses to ask Alexa to launch the skill.
  • C: The term for any phrase that the user speaks to the skill.
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2: Is the JavaScript or Python code in your AWS Lambda the front-end VUI or back- end data access layer of your skill?

  • A: VUI
  • B: data access layer
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3: What tone should you use when you script responses for Alexa?

  • A: Aloof and impersonal.
  • B: Friendly and conversational.
  • C: Formal and rigid.
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Now continue to Module 4. There you'll learn how to collect slots turn-by-turn with auto delegation to make your skill more conversational.

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