Help Your Skill Remember with Attributes Manager


You learned how to make your skill remember things for a skill session and longer. You learned how to read and write skill data, both temporarily and persistently. You also learned how to view your persistent data in the DynamoDB service.


If your skill isn't working or you're getting some kind of syntax error, download the code sample in Node.js or Python from the following links. Then, go to the Code tab in the Alexa developer console, and copy and paste the code into the index.js file or the file. Make sure to save and deploy the code before you test it.

Self test

Now that you've finished, try a self-test to see how much you remember. Click to expand to see the answer.

1: Items stored in skill memory are called:

  • A. Variables
  • B. Attributes
  • C. Fields
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2: To store attributes, you use the:

  • A. Attributes Manager
  • B. Attribute Connector
  • C. Relational Mapper
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3: Interceptors are for:

  • A. Preventing bad data from getting to handlers
  • B. Catching requests that don't map to known intents
  • C. Running pre-and-post processing functions
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Continue to Module 6 to learn how to use the Alexa Settings API to make sure your skill greeting is a little more personal.

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