Refund states and reason codes

The following diagram depicts the state transition of a Refund object:

The following table describes each refund state in detail, the allowed operations on a state, and the reasons why a Refund object can end up in a state.

State Description Allowed operations Reason codes
Pending A Refund object is in the Pending state until it is processed by Amazon. --
Declined Amazon has declined the refund because the maximum amount has been refunded on the capture. AmazonRejected-Amazon has rejected the refund. You should issue a refund to the buyer in an alternate manner (for example, a gift card or store credit).

ProcessingFailure-Amazon could not process the transaction because of an internal processing error or because the buyer has already received a refund from an A-to-z claim or a chargeback. You should only retry the refund if the Capture object is in the Completed state. Otherwise, you should refund the buyer in an alternative way (for example, a store credit or a check).
Completed The refund request has been processed and funds will be returned to the buyer. --