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GameOn Tournament Organizer

GameOn Tournament Organizer is a Twitch extension that allows Twitch creators to generate tournaments inside the Twitch experience with a click of a mouse and allow players to join their tournament directly from the game.

Twitch is the premier gaming community for gamers with over 15MM daily active community members watching an average of 95 minutes of gaming content a day. When games are successful on Twitch, they reach and resonate with the most influential gamers on the planet.

When you integrate the GameOn APIs into your game, you give thousands of Twitch creators the tools to easily challenge their viewers in fun competitions in your game.

Break through on Twitch

Build interactive experiences that brings viewers and creators together.

Turn Twitch viewers into players

A new way to attract more players and increase interactions for your existing players.

Seamless for Twitch creators

Creators add the extension to their channel page and generate the tournament in your game with a few simple steps.

Tactical Monsters

Tactical Monsters

"Our marketing team spends a significant portion of their time driving acquisitions through online influencers. GameOn Tournament Organizer allows the two parties to be more connected by actually playing the game with them. This means more players downloading Tactical Monsters compared to a generic gameplay introduction video. In the long term, the acquisitions from this technology will also have longer retention and spend."

— Michael Tseng, COO of Camex Games

Overload logo


"Overload players are fiercely competitive and the GameOn Tournament Organizer is a great way to support our community. The community already loves playing games together, giving them a reason to compete for a prize just adds that much more incentive. It engages them and would help draw in new viewers that would want to try to compete for fun prizes as well."

— Matt Toschlog, CEO of Revival Productions

FaZe Dirty

FaZe Dirty

"This extension will help me grow my community from getting many people involved, from friendly competition to people who strictly want to win (and beat me!)"

— FaZe Dirty, Twitch Creator

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