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Step 1: Register

You need to perform the following steps before beginning your integration:

  1. Sign up for an Amazon Pay account (or provision an existing account) from the Amazon Pay website. An Amazon Pay account provides Amazon with your payment and tax information, application information for reporting, and a Merchant ID (Seller ID) for signing button and widget requests.
  2. Associate your application with Login with Amazon.
    Login to Seller Central, and register a new application by choosing Login with Amazon from the marketplace drop-down box and then clicking the Register new Application button. The Register Your Application form appears.
    When you're registered, you receive the LWA Client and Client Secret IDs needed for authentication.
  3. Set up an Amazon Pay Sandbox test account.
    You will use the Sandbox to conduct an end-to-end test of your integration before going live. For details, see Setting up an Amazon Payments Sandbox test account.
  4. Obtain an SSL certificate.
    Your server is required to have a valid SSL certificate issued by a trusted Certificate Authority. Note: When working in a "localhost" environment, an SSL certificate is not required. For more information, see SSL certification.
  5. Gather your credentials.
    You can find the following credentials in Seller Central on the Amazon Pay and Login with Amazon Integration Settings page (Integration > MWS Access Key):
    • Merchant ID (seller ID)
    • MWS Access Key and MWS Secret Key
    • LWA Client ID and Client Secret

Amazon Pay University

Watch this video for an overview on custom-built integrations

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