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Step 8: Request a Capture

A Capture represents the transfer of funds, which were reserved during authorization, from the buyer to your account.

To collect the funds, you must make a Capture API call within 30 days of a successful authorization in Production mode and within two days in Sandbox mode. After 30 days, the authorization object state is changed by Amazon to Closed.

Amazon Pay policy states that you should charge your buyer when you fulfill the items in the order so you should not capture funds before fulfilling the order.

A Capture object status of Completed indicates that the buyer has been successfully charged.

Note: If you have issued a refund, that amount does not become available for capture.


Request a Capture by doing this:

  1. Make a call to the Capture API. Set the Seller Capture Note in the request so that the buyer email includes this information. Note: A capture is processed in real time if it is requested within seven days of authorization. The synchronous response of the Capture request returns the state as Completed or Declined. We recommend that you request a capture within seven days of authorization to reduce the likelihood of declines.
  2. Listen for the Capture Instant Payment Notification (IPN) for the CaptureStatus of your Capture request. If a capture is requested more than seven days from the date of authorization, the Capture operation returns the Pending state. The object remains in the Pending state until Amazon processes the request. The processing time varies and can be an hour or more. If Amazon cannot complete your capture request, you receive a Declined capture message.
  3. Make a call to the GetCaptureDetails API. You can query the full details of the Capture object by calling the GetCaptureDetails API using the AmazonCaptureId that was returned with the Capture response. The AmazonCaptureId is needed in the event that you need to refund funds against a completed capture.
  4. Check the response for errors or declines. You need to handle any errors that might occur from the API call, and you need to manage any captures that are in a Declined state. If a Capture is declined, you will see one of the following reason codes in the response:

    The Capture was declined due to a determination made by Amazon. It is likely that the Authorization object and the Order Reference object will be closed when Amazon rejects a capture. If the Authorization object is closed, any further capture requests will also be declined. If the Order Reference object is still in the Open state, request a new authorization, and then request a capture on the authorization.

    Amazon could not process the transaction because of an internal processing error. Retry your request in one to two minutes.

    In a case where the Order Reference object is still open, Amazon recommends submitting a new Authorize API call followed by a new Capture API call.

    For more information about error handling, see Handling errors from Amazon Pay API calls.
Capture API Call

from pay_with_amazon.client import PayWithAmazonClient

client = PayWithAmazonClient(

# authorization ID returned from 'Authorize' call.
response = client.capture(
seller_capture_note='Capture note.')

Capture API Call

require 'pay_with_amazon'

merchant_id = 'YOUR_MERCHANT_ID'
access_key = 'YOUR_ACCESS_KEY'
secret_key = 'YOUR_SECRET_KEY'

client =
  sandbox: true,
  currency_code: :usd,
  region: :na

amazon_authorization_id = 'S23-1234567-1234567-0000001'
capture_reference_id = 'test_capture_1'
amount = 106

  seller_capture_note: 'Lorem ipsum dolor',
  mws_auth_token: 'amzn.mws.4ea38b7b-f563-7709-4bae-87aeaEXAMPLE'

Capture API Call

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