Steps To Create a Knowledge Skill

Follow the step-by-step process in the Alexa developer console to create, add data to, test, and distribute your knowledge skill. After you have distributed your skill, you can edit your skill to make changes.

For an explanation of knowledge skills, see Understand Knowledge Skills.

Prerequisites to create a knowledge skill

Determine whether you have the organizational data to create a knowledge skill, as described in Understand Knowledge Skills. You must have data that you can adjust to fit one of the currently available templates. For more information on data templates, see Knowledge Skill Data Template Requirements.

Create your knowledge skill

The following steps show you how to create a basic knowledge skill in the developer console with an assigned skill ID, but no data.

To create a knowledge skill

  1. If you haven't requested permission to access knowledge skills yet, sign up at Alexa Knowledge Skills Public Preview.
  2. Sign in to the Alexa Skills Kit developer console with the developer account you used to get access to knowledge skills in the previous step.
  3. Click Create Skill.
  4. Enter a Skill Name. Then, as the Default language, select English (US).
  5. For Choose a model to add to your skill, select Knowledge.
  6. At the upper right, click Create skill. At this time, your knowledge skill has a skillId, but no data.

Add data to your skill

To add data to your skill, you must first add one or more templates. Then, you download the template, add your data to the template in the correct format, and then upload the data to your skill.

To add your data to your skill

  1. If your knowledge skill is not already open, sign in to the Alexa Skills Kit developer console.
  2. In the skill list, choose your knowledge skill.
  3. On the left, click KNOWLEDGE, and then read the page. It contains important information about creating a knowledge skill.
  4. Click Start or, on the left, click Step 1: Add templates.
  5. Select one or more templates, and then click Add to skill. The templates that you added will appear on the left, under Step 2: Add data.
  6. Click the template that you want to download, and then click Download template.
  7. Open the template that you downloaded, and remove the sample data.
  8. Add your own data and make sure that your data file fits the requirements listed in Knowledge Skill Data Template Requirements.
  9. Save your CSV file and upload it on the template page. Either drag and drop the data file to the Upload Manager, or browse to find it on your computer.
  10. After your file uploads, you will see a non-exhaustive list of automatically generated sample queries. These are examples of questions that your skill can answer.

Test your skill

To see if your response data works correctly, you can test your skill using the developer console, as described next.

To test your skill

  1. Prepare a series of questions that you expect your users to ask Alexa. Use the sample queries and your own set of questions.
  2. Sign in to the Alexa Skills Kit developer console.
  3. In the skill list, choose your knowledge skill.
  4. At the top of the developer console, click Test.
  5. At the top left, next to Test is disabled for this skill, select Development.
  6. Enter the questions that you prepared, note the responses that Alexa provides, and adjust your data as needed.

For general information about testing skills, see Test Your Skill.

Configure your skill for distribution

To distribute your skill, you must fill out the required distribution information. You can then distribute your skill through Alexa for Business, Alexa for Hospitality, or skill beta testing.

To configure your skill for distribution

  1. Sign in to the Alexa Skills Kit developer console.
  2. In the skill list, choose your knowledge skill.
  3. At the top of the developer console, click Distribution.
  4. Fill out the information on the Distribution page, as described in Define Skill Store Details and Availability. Note that you cannot submit a knowledge skill for public certification.
  5. After you enter the required information, you can set up your skill for distribution in one of the following ways:
    • Alexa for Business (United States only) – Use this distribution method to make your skill available on Alexa devices within your organization. To set up distribution through Alexa for Business, go to your skill in the developer console, select the Distribution page, select Availability, select Alexa for Business Organizations, and then follow the prompts. For more information about creating a skill for Alexa for Business, see Understand Meetings Skills.
    • Alexa for Hospitality – Use this distribution method to use Alexa devices to provide hospitality experiences to specified guests. For more information, see Alexa for Hospitality.
    • Skill beta testing – Use this distribution method to make your skill available to a specified set of users. You set this up in the Beta Testing section of the Distribution page, as described in Skill Beta Testing for Alexa Skills.

Enable your skill

The way you enable your skill depends on how you plan to distribute it, as follows: