Alexa Shopping Actions Error Reference

Alexa might encounter errors during the Alexa Shopping flow. Alexa informs the customer of the error and provides available recovery mechanisms to the customer. Alexa Shopping Actions returns the error to your skill in the payload of the response. Your skill shouldn't notify the customer about the error, but you can use the error information to alter the flow of skill execution.


The following table shows the errors that Alexa Shopping Actions might return. The SessionResumedRequest returns a status code and status message.

Status code Status message Description


We're unable to process your request at this time. Please retry your request. If you encounter this error repeatedly, please reach out to Customer Support.

An internal problem or outage prevented Alexa Shopping from completing your request.


This operation is not available for this locale.

The Alexa Shopping action request isn't supported for this locale.


The item you specified is not eligible for Alexa Shopping Actions.
Or, the item is not accessible through Alexa Shopping.

This error indicates that the item isn't eligible for use with Alexa Shopping.
For example, the item is digital or the item isn't supported for legal reasons.


We did not find any matches for your request.

The requested item wasn't found. For example, the item is out of stock.


We encountered an error when trying to process the request, please try again later.

There was an issue while executing the task. For example, the customer has invalid settings or Alexa Shopping had a temporary issue.
The issue is recoverable. Try again later.