Bluetooth for Gadgets FAQ

This topic contains frequently asked questions about using Bluetooth with Alexa Gadgets.

For Alexa Gadgets Toolkit issues related to Bluetooth, see Bluetooth on the known issues page.


Q: Which Echo devices are compatible with gadgets, and which Bluetooth protocol(s) do the Echo devices support?

See Echo devices that support gadgets.

Q: Can I use my gadget with devices labeled "Alexa built-in" or "Works with Alexa"?

Currently, gadgets can be used with Echo devices only.

Q: How do users know which Echo devices a gadget is compatible with before purchasing the gadget?

The detail page for your gadget must include a list of compatible Echo devices and any other requirements needed for the gadget to function.

Q: What happens when a user tries to pair a gadget with an Echo device that doesn't support the gadget or the gadget's Bluetooth protocol?

The Bluetooth setup screen in the Alexa app contains a notice such as "Don't see your Alexa Gadget? Make sure that your Alexa Gadget is compatible with the Echo device, and that the gadget is in pairing mode. Learn more about compatibility." The Learn more link goes to a page that lists Echo devices that gadgets are compatible with.

Bluetooth Low Energy

Q: Which Echo devices can work with gadgets over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)?

See Echo devices that support gadgets.

Q: Which version of Bluetooth should my BLE gadget support?

BLE gadgets must support Bluetooth 4.2 or above.


Q: How can a user tell if their gadget is unable to connect with an Echo device it is paired with?

When the gadget is unable to connect, you should have it respond in a noticeable way (for example, three red blinks of an LED).

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Last updated: Feb 14, 2022