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Requesting disbursement details

The Get Disbursements APIs allow you to query additional information for each disbursement made to your bank account. The response contains your sellerId, the settlementId of the corresponding settlement, an amazonDisbursementReferenceId (a unique identifier for disbursements), the amount and currencyCode of the settlement and the transactionTime of the settlement.
The Amazon disbursement reference ID is also present on the bank statement for the corresponding settlement. The amazonDisbursementReferenceId can be used to map bank statements to Amazon Pay reports.

Get Disbursements

Submits a request to receive disbursement details based on a date range of the settlement date specified in the request.


Request body

    "startTime": "2022-08-04T00-00-00Z",
    "endTime": "2022-08-04T23-59-59Z",
    "pageSize": "30",
    "nextToken": ""


Returns HTTP 200 status response code if the operation was successful.

     "disbursements": [{
        "sellerId": "A084390EXAMPLE",
        "settlementId": "68973459224",
        "amazonDisbursementReferenceId":"The Identifier used on your bank statement",