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Settings Interface

Settings Interface


The Settings interface is used to manage Alexa settings on your product, such as locale.

SettingsUpdated Event

The SettingsUpdated event must be sent when Alexa settings are adjusted using on-product controls or a companion app. For example, your user may change their locale setting from US (en-US) to Germany (de-DE) using your companion app. When this happens, your client must notify Alexa of the change with the SettingsUpdated event.

Sample Message

    “event": {
        "header": {
            "namespace": "Settings",
            "name": "SettingsUpdated",
            "messageId": "{{STRING}}"
        "payload": {
            "settings": [
                    "key": "{{STRING}}",
                    "value": "{{STRING}}"

Header Parameters

Parameter Description Type
messageId A unique ID used to represent a specific message. string

Payload Parameters

Parameter Description Type
settings A list of Alexa settings for a product. Each item in the list is an object with key/value pairs. list
key Identifies the key. Use the table below to identify accepted keys. string
value Identifies the key’s value. Use the table below to identify accepted values for each key. string

Accepted Key/Value Pairs

Accepted Keys Accepted Values
locale en-US, en-GB, de-DE

Additional Interfaces

Interface Description
SpeechRecognizer The core interface for the Alexa Voice Service. Each user utterance leverages the Recognize event.
SpeechSynthesizer The interface for Alexa speech.
Alerts The interface for setting, stopping, and deleting timers and alarms. For a conceptual overview, see Understanding Alerts.
AudioPlayer The interface for managing and controlling audio playback.
PlaybackController The interface for navigating a playback queue via button affordances.
Speaker The interface for volume control of a device or application, including mute and unmute.
Settings The interface for managing Alexa settings on your product, such as locale.
System The interface for providing client information to Alexa.