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Launch Target Reference

This topic describes the Target property type, which is used by the Video Skill API.


A target is a structure that contains a name and identifier and represents a predefined launch target such as a GUI shortcut or application.

Field/Value Description
name A string representing the name of the launch target.
identifier A string representing the launch target identifier.

Example target

  "name": "target",
  "value": {
      "identifier": "amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.72095",
      "name": "Amazon Video"

Shortcut list

Name Identifier GUI shortcut behavior Alexa request
Accessibility Settings amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.87246 Jumps to Accessibility Settings home page Go to Accessibility Settings
Appearance Settings amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.39940 Jumps to Appearance Settings home page Go to Appearance Settings
Bluetooth Settings amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.94081 Jumps to Bluetooth Settings home page Go to Bluetooth Settings
Collection amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.50500 Jumps to Collection home page Go to Collection, Collections
Control Settings amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.99860 Jumps to Control Settings home page Go to Control Settings
Diagnostic Settings amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.42297 Jumps to Diagnostic Settings home page Go to Diagnostic Settings
Display Settings amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.12664 Jumps to Display Settings home page Go to Display Settings
DVR amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.69247 Jumps to DVR home page Go to DVR
Energy Saver amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.45334 Jumps to Energy Saver home page Go to Energy Saver
Featured amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.83028 Jumps to Featured home page Go to Featured
Guide amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.68228 Jumps to Guide home page Go to Guide
Guide Settings amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.21061 Jumps to Guide Settings home page Go to Guide Settings
History Manager amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.34800 Jumps to History Manager home page Go to History Manager
Home amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.33122 Jumps to Home Page home page Go Home
Info amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.82117 Jumps to Info home page Go to Info
Inputs amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.83525 Jumps to Inputs home page Go to Inputs
Internet Settings amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.08874 Jumps to Internet Settings home page Go to Internet Settings
Journey amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.12746 Jumps to Journey home page Go to Journey
Journey Manager amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.41513 Jumps to Journey Manager home page Go to Journey Manager
Kids amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.91866 Jumps to Kids home page Go to Kids
My Profile amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.14414 Jumps to Profile home page Go to My Profile
Network Settings amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.58566 Jumps to Network Settings home page Go to Network Settings
On Demand amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.95950 Jumps to On Demand home page Go to On Demand
On Now amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.84333 Jumps to On Now home page Go to On Now
One Pass Manager amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.77269 Jumps to One Pass Manager home page Go to One Pass Manager
OTA Antenna Settings amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.51213 Jumps to OTA Antenna Settings home page Go to OTA Antenna Settings, Antenna Settings, OTA Settings
Parental Controls amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.70110 Jumps to Parental Controls section in Settings Go to Parental Controls
Phone Settings amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.99242 Jumps to Phone Settings home page Go to Phone Settings
Picture in Picture amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.06715 Jumps to Picture in Picture home page Go to Picture in Picture
Power Settings amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.07345 Jumps to Power Settings home page Go to Power Settings
Prime Time Anytime amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.77293 Jumps to Prime Time Anytime home page Go to Prime Time Anytime
Recall amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.66375 Jumps to Recall home page Go to Recall
Recordings amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.52304 Jumps to the Recordings home page Go to Recordings, my Recordings, Your Recordings
Remote Control Settings amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.67709 Jumps to Remote Control Settings home page Go to Remote Control Settings, Remote Settings
Scheduled Recordings amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.48625 Jumps to the Scheduled Recordings section Go to my Scheduled Recordings, Your Scheduled Recordings
Settings amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.07395 Jumps to Settings home page Go to Settings
Shaka amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.13633 Jumps to Shaka home page Go to Shaka
Timer Settings amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.63534 Jumps to Timer Settings home page Go to Timer Settings
TV Display Settings amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.49016 Jumps to TV Display Settings home page Go to TV Display Settings
VOD amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.82307 Jumps to VOD home page Go to VOD
Watchlist amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.68844 Jumps to Watchlist home page Go to Watchlist, my Watchlist
What to Watch amzn1.alexa-ask-target.shortcut.51649 Jumps to What to Watch home page Go to What to Watch

Application list

Name Identifier
A&E amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.80711
ABC amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.27025
AccuWeather - Weather for Life amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.54002
Acorn TV amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.05011
Allconnect amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.26247
Allrecipes amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.02002
Amazon Video amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.72095
Ameba TV amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.24176
Animal Planet LIVE amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.42965
AOL Video amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.81478
AT&T U-verse amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.06176
BADLAND amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.05483
Baeble amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.63851
BBC News amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.77571
BET amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.14869
Bloomberg TV+ amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.16283
Bravo Now amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.59468
Cartoon Network amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.55143
CBS amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.86065
CBS News amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.57172
CBS Sports amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.79937
CNNgo amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.58952
Comedy Central amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.93930
Crackle amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.92916
Daily Burn amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.92192
DirecTV Now amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.12344
Disney Movies Anywhere amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.68752
E! Now amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.63749
ENCORE Play amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.08572
Epix amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.23173
Facebook amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.28922
Fan TV amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.92275
Flixfling amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.45619
Fox News amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.17549
Fox Now amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.34554
Fox Sports Go amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.43680
Freeform amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.94824
Funny Or Die amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.81909
FXNOW amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.36222
Game finder amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.48853
GoPro Channel amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.16087
Hallmark Channel amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.50540
Hangman TV amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.08182
HBO GO amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.03120
HBO NOW amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.37969
History amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.15291
HSN amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.40139
Hulu amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.77683
IGN TV amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.86488
iHeartradio TV amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.16330
IMDB amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.23826
Lifetime amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.96374
MLB.TV amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.37820
MTV amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.49151
NBA amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.76928
NBC amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.42869
NBC News amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.93433
NBC Sports amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.26069
Netflix amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.36377
NFL amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.87880
NFL Sunday Ticket amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.61760
NPR One amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.94638
Opera TV amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.54745
Pandora amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.93941
PBS amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.14173
PBS Kids amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.19542
Playstation Vue amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.13297
Plex amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.78079
Pluto TV amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.93822
Popcornflix amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.98998
Pureflix amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.43406
Red Bull TV amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.48108
Showtime amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.27166
Showtime Anytime amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.40448
SiriusXM Radio amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.19584
Sky News amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.88403
Sling TV amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.39861
Slingplayer amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.97018
Smithsonian Channel amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.92013
Smithsonian Earth amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.67970
Spotify amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.43818
Starz amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.10530
Syfy Now amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.79524
Tastemade TV amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.79431
TED TV amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.96265
The Alt Channel amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.68493
The CW amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.70531
Toon Goggles amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.57216
Tube+ for YouTube amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.05265
Tubi TV amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.00132
TuneIn Radio amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.63090
Twitch amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.30017
Twitter amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.59307
UFC amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.75550
USA NOW amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.78918
USA TODAY amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.02126
Vevo amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.37726
VLC amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.89036
Vudu amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.64811
Watch Cooking Channel amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.21922
Watch Disney Channel amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.03365
Watch Disney Junior amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.38163
Watch Disney XD amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.45978
Watch DIY Network amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.72701
Watch Food Network amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.81763
Watch TBS amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.47517
Watch TNT amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.93609
Watch Travel Channel amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.15716
WatchESPN amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.46024
WatchHGTV amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.33733
Watchup amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.64135
Weather Channel amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.81508
WSJ Video amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.85856
WWE network amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.41959
Yahoo amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.59862
YouTube amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.70045
Yupp TV amzn1.alexa-ask-target.app.67523