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Alexa.Cooking.ErrorResponse Interface

When an error occurs while processing a request to cook, pause resume cooking, you should return an ErrorResponse event. Cooking-specific errors are defined in the Alexa.Cooking namespace and described in this topic. You can find generic errors in the Alexa.ErrorResponse topic.

Error Message Format

The payload of an ErrorResponse event must specify a type and a message.

  • type: One of the accepted type values that indicates the kind of error that has occurred. Alexa uses this attribute to respond to the customer appropriately.
  • message: String that provides more information about the error for logging purposes. This information is not shared with the customer.

Depending on the type there may be additional payload contents.

Error types described are not specific to a capability interfaces and can be used to respond to any control or query directive. If an error such as an expired token occurs during a discovery request, return an empty endpoint array and not an error. For errors specific to an interface, see the interface topic.

Error type values

DOOR_OPENIndicates that the requested operation could not be completed because the appliance door is open.None
DOOR_CLOSED_TOO_LONGIndicates that the requested operation could not be completed because the door has not been opened and closed recently, indicating that the appliance is likely empty.None
COOK_DURATION_TOO_LONGIndicates that the cooking directive could not be completed because the requested duration is too long for the appliance to run safely.Optional maxCookTime field, of type Duration that indicates the maximum cook time allowed for the current cooking parameters.
REMOTE_START_NOT_SUPPORTEDIndicates that a start-cooking directive was rejected because remote-start is not supported on the target appliance. Note that in most cases you will report whether remote start is supported at endpoint discovery time, but if the device capabilities change after discovery, you can return this error.
REMOTE_START_DISABLEDIndicates that remote start on the appliance was disabled and must be re-enabled before cooking can continue.None

Example Synchronous ErrorResponse

"event": {
    "header": {
      "namespace": "Alexa.Cooking",
      "name": "ErrorResponse",
      "messageId": "abc-123-def-456",
      "correlationToken": "dFMb0z+PgpgdDmluhJ1LddFvSqZ/jCc8ptlAKulUj90jSqg==",
      "payloadVersion": "3"
    "payload": {
      "type": "COOK_DURATION_TOO_LONG",
      "message": "Cannot specify a cook time over 2 hours"
      "maxCookTime" : "PT2H"
Interface Description
Alexa.ErrorResponse Defines generic error messages for smart home skills such as a device is unreachable or credentials are invalid.
Alexa.Video.ErrorResponse Defines error messages specific to video skills.