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Requesting Sandbox Settlement reports

Amazon Pay offers Sandbox Settlement reports to allow you to automate your accounting and reconciliation systems before going live with Amazon Pay. Sandbox Settlement reports make use of sandbox transactions to mimic the content of a live settlement report.
Other than live settlement reports, sandbox settlement reports are not automatically generated, but need to be manually requested.

Request a Sandbox Settlement Report

Before requesting this report type, ensure you have placed sandbox transactions (charges, refunds, …) for the time range you are requesting a report for. If there are no transactions in sandbox available for the given time range, the generated report will be in the processingStatus "CANCELLED".

Please follow the Create Report documentation and example to understand how to request a sandbox settlement report. Ensure interacting with the sandbox environment for this report type.

Download the created Sandbox Settlement Report

The Create Report operation returns the reportId of the requested report. Please follow the Get Report By Id API documentation to query for the report status. Once the report moves into the processingStatus "COMPLETED", you can use the Get Report Document API to get the Report Document url to download the report content.