Menu and settings

Alexa requires a mandatory set of settings and legal information to be available within the vehicle IVI interface. Some settings are only available in the Alexa App that cannot be replicated by a third party app.

(Required) Provide the Alexa menu in your HMI.

Customers must be able to access an Alexa menu with your system. Please see the table below for a better understanding of the features that exist within this menu.

(Required) For the Alexa settings menu, use terminology and order of settings outlined below:

Main menu:
Things to try
Sign out
Main menu > Settings:
Contact list > [phone name] or ["None"]
Alexa Hands-Free > on/off
Default voice assistant > on/off
Notifications > on/off
Start of request sound > on/off
End of request sound > on/off
Alexa’s language > list of available Alexa languages
Main menu > Things to try:
Use text from the Design Toolkit.

(Required) Add any additional settings or items to the bottom of the standard Alexa settings.

You may require additional settings or features when integrating Alexa. Any additions must be added to the bottom of the list.

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(Required) When the user selects "sign out", ask for confirmation before signing out.

“Sign out” may be accidentally pressed in the main menu and can be a hassle for the customer to reconnect. Because of this, we require the customer to confirm sign out when selected.

(Required) Use the following strings for the setting listed below:

Default state: off. If the customer turns this on or enables it from another location see Granting and managing contact permissions to Alexa, they must first consent on the permissions page.

Default state: on. If the customer turns off Alexa Hands-Free listening, the wake word engine will be disabled.
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Default state: off
Default state: on. Turning off notifications will disable visual indicators from surfacing on the screen.
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Default state: on
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Default state: on
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Alexa’s language

(Required) If the customer selects an Alexa language that is different than the system language, you must surface a notification of the language mismatch

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Note: In the example above, “</English>” represents the current system language and “</German>” represents the customer selected language for Alexa, both of these strings should be dynamic

(Recommend) Use a grid layout for the “Things to Try” Menu.

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(Recommended) Use Alexa's icons in the “Things to Try” Menu.

The complete list of the Things to Try categories and commands can be downloaded in the Design Toolkit.

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(Recommended) Use pagination while navigating the “Things to Try” grid layout.

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