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Alexa.InputController Interface

The InputController interface describes messages for changing the input of an entertainment device.


The control and query directives in this interface are supported in skills that target the following languages:

  • English - all locales
  • Italian
  • Spanish (ES)

See Develop Smart Home Skills in Multiple Languages for more information.


Request to change to the input or input device.

User: Alexa, change the input to input name

Example Request:

  "directive": {
    "header": {
      "namespace": "Alexa.InputController",
      "name": "SelectInput",
      "messageId": "c8d53423-b49b-48ee-9181-f50acedf2870",
      "correlationToken": "dFMb0z+PgpgdDmluhJ1LddFvSqZ/jCc8ptlAKulUj90jSqg==",
      "payloadVersion": "3"
    "endpoint": {
      "scope": {
        "type": "BearerToken",
      "endpointId": "device-001",
      "cookie": {     }
    "payload": {
      "input": "HDMI1"

Payload details

Property Description Type Required
input The identifier for the input device the customer requested string Yes

Events and Properties

For this interface, you must reply:

  • Synchronously, which means you send a Response to Alexa from the Lambda function.

When you send a Response, you should include the state of the interface properties in the context of the message.


When the input state changes, send a state report containing an input property.

Property Name Property Type Description
input Input String identifying the new input device such as "HDMI1".


Send an Response when you successfully handle a SelectInput directive.

Example Response

The following example shows an Alexa response.

  "context": {
    "properties": [
        "namespace": "Alexa.InputController",
        "name": "input",
        "value": "HDMI 1",
        "timeOfSample": "2017-02-03T16:20:50.52Z",
        "uncertaintyInMilliseconds": 0
  "event": {
    "header": {
      "messageId": "30d2cd1a-ce4f-4542-aa5e-04bd0a6492d5",
      "correlationToken": "dFMb0z+PgpgdDmluhJ1LddFvSqZ/jCc8ptlAKulUj90jSqg==",
      "namespace": "Alexa",
      "name": "Response",
      "payloadVersion": "3"
    "payload":{ }


You should reply with an error if you cannot complete the customer request for some reason. See Error.Response for more details.

Additional Sample Code

See the sample request and response messages in the Alexa smart home GitHub repo: