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Create Amazon Pay Sandbox accounts

To test your integration, you must create an Amazon Pay Sandbox buyer account, and complete transactions in the Sandbox environment.

1. Create an Amazon Pay Sandbox buyer account in Seller Central for testing

Follow these instructions or watch this video to create a Sandbox buyer account in Seller Central, the account management site for Amazon Pay merchants:

  1. Sign in (login) to Seller Central.
  2. Select the Amazon Pay (Sandbox View) environment from the drop-down options, located in the center of the menu at the top of the screen.
  3. Under Integration, click Test Accounts.
  4. Enter info in the fields, as described below:
    1. Login Settings - This login is for testing in the Sandbox
      1. Email Address - Do not use the email address for your Production account
      2. Password - Use a different password than your production password
    2. Payments - In the Sandbox environment, the credit card number(s) under Payment Methods are preset, fictitious charge cards for testing
    3. Shipping Addresses - Choose and add address(es) if a shipping address is required for checkout
  5. Click Create account to save your setting and create the test buyer account

2. Create an Amazon Pay Sandbox buyer account in the checkout flow

Alternatively, you can also create an Amazon Pay buyer account for testing during checkout, by following the instructions for creating a new account during login.