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APL ScrollView

A ScrollView holds a single child and scrolls vertically, and can have only one component.


The ScrollView component has the following properties in addition to the standard component properties. The default height and width properties are each set at 100dp.

Property Type Required Styled Description
item Array of components Yes No The Component displayed in the ScrollView.

The child of the ScrollView can be arbitrarily long in the vertical direction. If the child is small enough to fully fit on the screen, no scrolling occurs.

To minimize errors, the height of the scroll view defaults to 100dp if not specified.

Any item template inside a scrollview that has a height value must use absolute dimensions, and cannot have height set as a percentage value.


The child component. If more than one component is supplied, only the first one selected by the when property will be used.

Sample ScrollView

  "type": "ScrollView",
  "item": {
    "type": "Text",
    "text": "${payload.longTextBlock}"