AVS Device SDK Optional Features

This page provides extra information to help you implement optional AVS features with the Alexa Voice Service (AVS) Device SDK. For code samples and full implementation details, see the AVS Device SDK on GitHub or the AVS Device SDK API references.


This page isn't an exhaustive list of all SDK features available.


To enable Alerts, you must follow these instructions.

  1. Install SQLite.
  2. Set your device system clock to UTC time. To set UTC time, use Network Time Protocol (NTP).
  3. Install a file system.


Building with Bluetooth is optional and is supported on Linux or Raspberry Pi.

SAMPLE-AES decryption

SAMPLE-AES decryption is optional.

To enable SAMPLE-AES decryption for audio streamed to your device

  1. Install the FFMPEG library.
  2. Enable SAMPLE-AES decryption with the following CMake command.

     cmake [absolute path to source] -DENABLE_SAMPLE_AES[ON|OFF]     
                                     -DFFMPEG_LIB_PATH=[absolute path to ffmpeg library]
                                     -DFFMPEG_INCLUDE_DIR=[absolute path to ffmpeg include directory]

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Last updated: Sep 28, 2021