October 15, 2020

Updates to Invoking Alexa

  • Added 3 new requirements
    • (Required) Indicate to the customer when Alexa Hands-Free is disabled.
    • (Required) Allow customers to cancel listening and speaking.
    • (Required) Use Alexa earcons only for Alexa features.
  • Revised 2 requirements (changes in bold).
    • “The product shall allow customers to invoke Alexa via PTT without a wake word if the vehicle offers a PTT button.”
    • “The product shall enable invocation of Alexa only after the customer has completed Alexa setup.“
  • Tap-to-talk (TTT) button description has been updated
  • Updated terminology: “Hands-free listening” is now “Alexa Hands-Free”.
  • Added descriptions for interruption behaviors (barge-in and cancel).
  • Added more info on the Alexa attention system (earcons and voice chrome). Including:
    • Linear chrome is preferred and to be placed along the bottom edge
    • Voice chrome should be an overlay and not a full-screen app

Updates to Visual language

  • Revised requirement: “The product shall display the Alexa logo only in Alexa Blue (#00CAFF), Squid Ink (#232F3E), or White (#FFFFFF).” (changes in bold)

Updates to Setup:

  • Added requirement: “(Required) Support only the Alexa languages that the vehicle also supports.”
  • Added language selection screen.
  • Removed requirement “offer customers the ability to sign in once and use Alexa across multiple devices.”

Updates to Menu and settings

  • Updated terminology: “Hands-free listening” is now “Alexa Hands-Free”
  • Removed location permissions, help and feedback requirements/images.
  • Added new setting for “Alexa’s language” and the following requirement:
    • (Required) If the customer selects an Alexa language that is different than the system language, you must surface a notification of the language mismatch++

Other notable changes

  • Media services: Removed grid template image and updated requirement to only address metadata.
  • Communications: Remove “TTS goes off during an active call” requirement, and “duck the audio” for incoming call sound.
  • Notifications and error handling: Removed error message for when a Customer updates their password.
  • Resources: Updated resources in Design toolkit
    • updated icons for Alexa brand, media playback and MSP logos
    • updated Things to Try

September 16, 2019

Media Services guidelines refactor.

  • Please check full page for a rewrite with new requirements and recommendations.

September 5, 2019

Communication guidelines page released. Updates to Menu & settings

  • Added Contact list menu item to settings
  • Added requirements for Contact list settings
  • Updated all images to reflect Alexa style

Updates to Setup

  • New requirement for contact permissions
  • Updated OOBE flow to incorporate contact permission screen
  • Updated all images to reflect Alexa style

December 19, 2018

  • Added section on Display Cards with additional requirements.
  • Minor wording revisions for clarity on all requirements.
  • Added the following requirements:
    • Invoking Alexa
      • If PTT is not available, TTT (Tap-to-Talk) via an on-screen button can be used to invoke Alexa.
      • Provide customers a way to disable Alexa hands-free listening under the Alexa menu.
      • Play the Alexa earcons at the beginning and end of speech input.
      • Enable hands-free listening only after the customer has completed Alexa setup.
      • Disable Alexa in restricted modes such as valet or for guest drivers.
    • Setup
      • Do not allow customers to sign in when the car is in motion.

August 14, 2018