The Alexa setup process helps customers learn about Alexa and sign in to their Amazon account. This may be their first time using Alexa or learning what she is capable of. This section covers how to introduce Alexa to customers and help them pair their Amazon account with your system. Customers must be signed into their Amazon account to use Alexa.

Setup includes the following required steps:

  1. Introduction: The first setup screen provides a high-level summary of what they can do with Alexa. This is the first screen they see when they launch Alexa before any other screens.
  2. Code-based linking & sign in: The screen directs customers to use their phone to sign in with a code. From their phone, customers sign in or create an Amazon account, enter a code that's displayed on the system's screen, and agree to Amazon's terms and conditions. After authenticating, your system will update to confirm they are set up.
  3. Customer education: The last step of setup should introduce a customer to a few Alexa features that they will want to use while driving.
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Language Selection

In the event that the system language is not supported by Alexa, prompt the customer to select a language prior to showing any screens within the setup flow. Once the language has been selected, the remainder of the screens must update to match the selected language (i.e. The CBL screen needs to be in German, if German is selected). The customer may change Alexa’s language at any time in the Settings Menu. See Menu and Setting for more details

(Required) Support only the Alexa languages that the vehicle also supports.

If your vehicle does not support a language that Alexa supports, do not surface this option for the customer. For a detailed list of supported locals, view the API documentation.

(Required) Follow the UI elements in the following screens.

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Language selection
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Code-based Linking & Sign in
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Customer Education

(Required) Within the Alexa setup process, present the Alexa introduction and Amazon sign in screens first.

Customers should see the Alexa introduction and code-based linking screens before any other screens in your system. Do not add app permissions or any other screens until a customer has gone through these steps.
EXCEPTION: If there is a language mismatch, the language selection screen must appear prior to any Amazon screen being surfaced.

(Required) Do not allow customers to sign in when the car is in motion.

We recommend only allowing the customer to set up when the car is not in motion. If you block sign in, present the customer with a message to setup Alexa when the car is not being driven.

(Required) During setup, if your device detects a phone has already been connected to the head unit, ask the customer for permission to upload their contacts to Alexa

See While setting up Alexa on your Alexa enabled device for more information.

(Required) Provide customers a way to sign out within the Alexa settings.

Customers should have an obvious and understandable way of signing out of your system. See Menu & Settings.

(Recommended) Make Alexa setup simple, fast, and easy for customers. Do not add additional setup steps.

The Alexa onboarding in your system may be a customer's first experience using Alexa. Each additional screen increases friction and increases the risk of a customer not using Alexa. Customers can continue to learn after they complete setup. Instead of making onboarding more complex, present customers with information when they are completing tasks and would find it most helpful.