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 Introduction to the Express integration guide | Amazon Pay

Introduction to the Express integration guide

Amazon Pay provides millions of buyers a secure, trusted, and convenient way to pay for their purchases on your site. To complete their purchase, buyers simply choose a shipping address and payment method stored in their Amazon account.

Express integration offers a Button Generator integration to provide simple copy-and-paste HTML code that you can use to add an Amazon Pay button to your website. For those cases where shipping is required, you can implement a Custom integration that lets you generate the Amazon Pay button on your website and to make API calls.

The table below shows the differences between these features.

  Button Generator integration Custom integration
Copy-and-paste integration for fixed price items  
Adjust the payment amount in a button request (as in a shopping cart)  
Use the Payment Management Dashboard to manage the capture and authorization of funds
Use APIs for authorization and capture of funds  
Retrieve buyer address for shipping -- helpful for calculating tax and shipping costs  

For more information, see Button Generator integration or Custom integration.
Note  If you need address or ZIP code for tax or shipping calculations up front, use One-time payments integration or Recurring payments integration.