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Creating Sandbox test buyer accounts

To test your integration, you must create a Sandbox test buyer account and complete transactions in the Sandbox environment.

1. Create a Sandbox test buyer account in Seller Central for testing

Follow these instructions or watch this video to create a Sandbox buyer account in Seller Central, the account management site for Amazon Pay merchants:

  1. Sign in to Seller Central (US, EU, JP).
  2. Select the Amazon Pay (Sandbox View) environment from the drop-down options, located in the center of the menu at the top of the screen.
  3. Under Integration, click Test Accounts.
  4. Enter info in the fields, as described below:
    1. Login Settings - This login is for testing in the Sandbox
      1. Email Address - Do not use the email address for your Production account
      2. Password - Use a different password than your production password
    2. Payments - In the Sandbox environment, the credit card number(s) under Payment Methods are preset, fictitious charge cards for testing
    3. Shipping Addresses - Choose and add address(es) if a shipping address is required for checkout
  5. Click Create account to save your setting and create the test buyer account

2. Create a Sandbox test buyer account in the checkout flow

Alternatively, you can also create an Amazon Pay buyer account for testing during checkout, by following the instructions for creating a new account during login.