Alexa can help the customer browse local businesses, find a point-of-interest (POI), or navigate to a specific address. Acting as an integration point and leverage the existing navigation feature in the vehicle. To the extent possible Alexa should hand off to your onboard navigation provider and should not have a custom built Alexa navigation solution.

(Required) Support onboard navigation to receive destinations from Alexa.

When the result is specific for example, “Alexa, take me to 123 Main st.”, then Alexa will repeat the direction to verify it's correct and route to the requested location without asking the customer to confirm.

(Required) When Alexa provides destination info, display the location(s) and relevant metadata to the customer.

The customer must use an invocation method again to make a decision. They may choose a destination by saying, “The second one” or “Take me to Starbucks on Lenora Street”. This will timeout after 30 seconds if the customer has not made a selection.

My alternative image text
My alternative image text

“Alexa, find coffee shops.”

“Here are a few top rated ones in Mountain View…
…One Ounce Coffee…
…Red Rock Coffee…
…Dana Street Roasting Company…

“Alexa, take me to the second one.”