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Release Notes


We'll use this page to let you know about the recent changes to our API documentation. Here we'll track two types of changes

  • If our changes are minor, for example formatting changes or providing clearer content, we'll only update this change log.
  • For any larger changes to how the API functions, we'll send out an email before these changes are made in our production environment.

Release Notes

Version Date Description
1.0.0 2021-11 We've completed a full revamp to our API documentation, we've adjusted how the pages are laid out and we've added new pages. Our sidebar has also been adjusted to reflect these new changes. These changes include
  • New Onboarding page
  • New Outage Management page
  • New Product Voucher page
  • API Funds check page
  • Split out service information and security information into two pages
  • Adjusted the presentation of our API operations to focus more on our product types instead of services
  • Added formatting throughout the documentation
  • Added a change log
  • Updated our sidebar to make the site easier to navigate
  • Added next steps to each of the pages to make the site easier to navigate

Request a change

We're always open to adjusting the content of this page to make it more accessable and comprehensive. If you have a suggestion or if you spot an issue. Please email us here.

Last updated: Oct 13, 2021